Joe Harlan

Joe loves trees and he loves you too.

Cameron Gavinski

Cam Gavinski is a dumb baby who dies in the year 2046 

Gabe Godoi

Cam Plunkett

Cam Plunkett joined Spoiler Alert in the Spring of 2014. He helped develop Spoiler Alert's current show format, and led new member workshops for two years before graduating in the Spring of 2016. He now works for a tech firm in Virginia.

Justin Brush


Mellie Nolen

Mellie kind of looks like Avril Lavigne.

David Mandell

David Mandell was lucky enough to be in the troupe when it was founded. Loved every minute of it. Now after graduating USC in 2015 he has created his banner Blank Slate Pictures in order to produce features. Always remembering to yes and...

Matt Keibler

Matthew Keibler enjoyed the tutorial mode of life at USC for a wonderful 4 years, 1 of which was spent performing improv outside the USC bookstore once a week, regardless of the weather. Being LA, the weather was guaranteed to be abysmally beautiful. Matt spent time in London where he studied more theatre at the British American Drama Academy; some say he left his soul there. Now, he has since graduated from USC, and moved into adulthood full time. He can be found trying to find a job, and pondering the nuances of The Quarter-Life Crisis and tandem parking.

Cece B.

Cece Bratton is a founding member of Spoiler Alert and was the director of the troupe from its founding in 2011 until she graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Theatre. Since graduating, she has led a few different improv troupes and has just moved to New York to pursue television production and theatre management. Her spirit animal is Kevin from Pixar's Up and she's known for biting her fellow troupe members. She'd like to thank all the current spoilers for keeping her dream alive, keep doing what you're doing and know how awesome you are. Spoilers HO!!!

Chase Anderson-Shaw

Andre Adams

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Kim Walker


Alistair Duff Whatley

A legend you say? No, just a man.  A simple but complex man with a secret.  

Katherine Duffy

Katherine is a pretty lady. She led the troupe for many great years before graduating with a B.A. in animation in 2016. She currently works at Stoopid Buddy Studios.

James Gadreaux

Cool Uncle James writes and performs some very cool songs.

Steven Miller

Steven Miller is a founding member of Spoiler Alert and was in the group from 2011 until his graduation in 2013. Steven graduated with a BA in theatre along with a double minor in cinematic arts and musical theatre. Since graduating, he has continued his improv training at the Groundlings school in LA. When he’s not punching bears or growing his famous fro, Steven can be found in Los Angeles where he works as an actor and writer. Steven would like to give a shoutout to his family, his friends, and milk for making life awesome.

Karan Lyons

Karan Lyons is a founding member of Spoiler Alert, helping to raise it from birth in 2011 all the way to its terrible twos in 2013. While at USC, he also starred in the university’s longest running scripted TV series. Karan graduated with a BA in Theatre, and continued improv in Second City and his post-college troupe, Late Night Reruns. He lives in LA as an actor, writer, and expert turn signal user.

Molly Sharpe

Reily Hoeft

Connor Cassidy Fitzgerald

Jesse Pilchen

Caroline Spinola

Ian Baker

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Liam will bite if provoked. Please ask to pet.

Liam Clancy